Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hey i hope you're all having a great weekend though I'll do a quick update on my life. So my laptop died (R.I.P)
been reading so many books that I'm starting to over lap them which is something I know is going to confuse me A LOT. That's really all that's been going on in my life but... in relation to with my friends (not sure if that's an accurate sentences but e
either way it sounds smart lol) I'm starting to realise that some people are VERY.SELF.ABSORD and I'm not judging if you are, although I am little. But at least pretend to take interested in other people lives because you never know you might find or learn something interesting about them.
I only say this because recently I've been hanging out with a friend they are really nice and I get along very well with them but sometimes I get the feeling my ears are being used. I'm not telling people not to tell everyone your life story, I'm just saying not everyone wants to hear it.
So next time you are out with friends give them at least maybe 40% conversation time, and please pretend to care because we all do it for you.
I do understand that this topic could seem a little bit Hypocritical because of the fact I have a blog about myself.
Also please check my eBay ( it's in 'shop') I would link it be I'm using my mobile device.