Monday, 19 August 2013


So last weekend I went to this thing called Flux it's a Leeds event but they decided to do one in London which meant everyone that went(as in Uni), came from Leeds, knew someone from Leeds or visited Leeds a lot tended this party and because everyone was esocated with Leeds it meant most people need each other in someway.
Because Me Grace and Ashica was not smart to realize that the event finished at 11PM not AM meant we arrived really late (20 minutes before closing time) we decided to become leaches, yes you hared right leaches, and because there was no way we would get in so we descied to talk to this guy we randomly meet at the station who was going flux too and asked if he could help us get in( from what we heard we was lucky to find him because he was on of them people that can get in anyway because he was that cool.) even though it was the last 20 minutes of flux we didn't waste time as we qickly made friends with this guy that looked as if he had a wristband for the after party in SoHo and leached on him and he introduced us to his friends but ended up losing them but it was ok because Ashica bumped into her friend from Leeds (obviously) and did what we new best which was drum roll please LEACH, you may call us crazy but it worked, because some how we acompled the impossable and got into the after party FREE OF CHARGE (ticket where £5 but on a first come first seved baise with only 400 wistband) but we also meant great people that didn't mined us leaching.


 This was one of my outfit chooses but ended up going with the Aztec print dress because my best friend (Ashica) really wanted to dress me with the clothes from her wardrobe which I'm guessing any girl wouldn't mined but if you to compere both mine and hers wardrobe you would see I only wear white, black and gold sometimes purple and she wear every coulor imaginable which some how describes both are personalty pretty well as she is really bubbly while I on the other hand have mood swing for example I could be happy one minute and sad the next.

Me and my sister both got waves put in are hair mines 20" and hers 16'
and my best friend just done this and posted it on Facebook LOL we have a funny friendship.

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