Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Week 30

Saturday 27th July 2013:
I went to friend's baby shower and got court in the rain on my way back

Topshop bodysuit, Moschino belt, River Island mid skirt.

 Monday 29th July 2013:
Went wood green to do a bit of festival shopping. Then enjoyed a nice meal at tinseltown with my cousin.  
Nike jumper (charity shop), River Island bag and skirt, Doc Martins, beanie hat.
Tuesday 30th July 2013:
My sister and I drop off are cousin and her daughter at Kings Cross St Pancras. Then went to King Cross
to visit Platform 9 3/4 and yes Draco Malfoy has a special place in my heart:)

Saturday 3rd August 2013:
Me and my sister went to Holi one colour festival during the weekend and I can honestly say the people and atmosphere there was incredible and can personally say that i really enjoyed it but the only downfall would have to be the powder paint getting everywhere including you underwear lol. but if any one is thinking about going to a paint festival I recommend it but just remember to bring sunglasses no matter the weather or you will end up with dusty paint in your eyes.

H&M shirt and top, Topshop shorts, White Converse, New Look sunglasses

Primark flower crown and denim shirt, TopShop crop top, Zara shorts, Bumbag(market), Doc Martins, sunglasses (eBay).

5 colours in her hair???
Well Yesterday Grace, Becca and her brother Matt, Ash and my self went to the re opening of are local pub (The Railway Bell) well lets just say they did a pretty good job because the place looks so posh compared to ant where else in my area.
the night was good a part from bumping in old drama (i would explain but even i still don't understand what the fight was about and it's been going on for nearly two year)

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