Tuesday, 6 October 2015

B o o k C l u b . . .

Ok so i'm sure i've said this before in another post MONTHS ago lol but I really mean it this time. I want to start a book club on my blog as i'm always reading and trying to recommend my friends book but they are a lost corse, we don't share the same idea of what a good book is but that's ok I have you guys and hopefully after trying this out it help me expand my book genres???
So the idea is that I review books i've been reading or have read. 


So the first book series i'm going to review as you can guess is the Harry Potter book. I know everyone in the world has read these books but growing up I never read many because I couldn't, not until I was 16 and a friend brought me the first twilight book which got me hooked, and that's something i'm not ashamed of it just shows it's never to late to learn a new skill but to be honest some times I wish I leant how maybe before doing my GCSE as you can see a total difference in grades but then again it could of been the teaching, I strongly believe it was my school too... but that's another story lol. 
Back Harry Potter... i've read the first one not much I can say really if you've watched the film then its exactly how you've seen it part from a small changes that you can barely recognise but onto book two (Chamber of Secrets) i'm on Page 74 so i'm not going say anything till i've finished it 
P.s I know there is a book missing, I should be hopefully getting on Friday.

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