Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What I Wore

Date: 26.1.14

Date: 1.2.14
Becca's birthday at electric ballroom in Camden (I think she making it a tradition to go every year for her birthday) i did my sister make up for her as you can see below she loved it the BOYS LOVED IT! although her boyfriend didn't because he wasn't there to shear this experience.
i was wearing a really cheap dress from H&M (i'm guessing it was under £5)
red heels from
and a leather jacket from ebay.

valentine day on a boat with my sister best friend and her university friends
i'm wearing a cami top from primark
mid skirt from river island
belt from ebay
and shoes from new look.

Date: 20.2.14
Becca and I took at trip to see my sister Grace in Derby. When we arrived we did a long photo shoot for her, well... it felt long because i'd just got off a three and a half hour coach journey with scream kids so anything that made sleeping a longer wait felt 'LONG'   
i wore ASOS Black tee
levis high waisted jeans
and cut out boots from Ark

and my party outfit I wore a dress my sister stole from my watch items on ebay ( not complain).
with the same boots (without the socks lol).  

Date: 1.2.14
If Miley can do it so can I.
Not that you can really see my outfit but i'm wear an off the should dress though i worn it as a top with a skater skirt that i'd just brought that day from new look only £4!!! and Chelsea boots.
maybe i should a haul?

Date: 8.3.14

Date: 9.3.14
Sunny sunday in the park worn too much black not that you can see again lol.

So this is my year so far i hope your all enjoying yours also I've spent a lot of time reading this year and though maybe I should start doing book reviews what do you think? yes/no
well hell even it you vote 'no' i'm still going to do it lol, as i'm babysitting a lot and i don't fancy wearing my best outfits working because baby sick is not a nice look no matter who you are.