Thursday, 10 April 2014

OOTD and MacBook Pro

Today I went shopping in London and went into Topshop looking for new black jeans and that's when I discovered the 'Joni' jeans. At first when I saw them I didn't think much of them as there was nothing spectacular about the jeans up until I tried them on and let me tell you, the moment I put them on I didn't want to  take them off because they looked soooo good as the the don't have front pocket which give a nice flatting shape. I think another reason why I like them so much is because they kind of remind me of  the American Apparel 'Riding pants' which has been on my wish list since the moment I laid eyes on them. I so glad my sister introducing me to Topshop jeans because now i can say 
no more shapeless jeans and no more looking like (excuse my french) SHIT myself because even though I am black I was not blessed with a Beyonce booty but instead I got an ironing broad of an ass. well least i know my bum don't look big in these jeans LOL.

And finally I want you to welcome baby MacBook Pro:)