Friday, 25 April 2014


Festival session is finally here!!!
 and both me and my sister have a crazy obsession with it and we both know how expensive they can be so last year we deiced to work them which meant sometimes having to sacrificing seeing our favourite bands but it was something we couldn't really complain about because got a FREE TICKET inside the festival and got PAID to work.
So over the years I have attended many festivals such Creamfields, Bestival, Reading, Parklife ect and with all of them i think i have encountered may problem such as over packing, festival flooding, no toilet paper and losing friends and now I think I have created the perfect festival guild for your summer 2014.

1. DO NOT wear play suite, jumpsuit, or onesies unless you believe you will win the battle with the Portaloos then be my guess.
2. BABY WIPS & TOILET PAPER they will be your best friends, trust me.
3. FOOTWEAR you can wear anything you want as long as its NOT sandal, dolly shoes, peep toe, hight heels or any thing too expensive that you don't want get ruin.
4. BRING A JACKET WITH A HOOD because it will get cold or rain and I know no one wants to be dealing with frizzy hair.
5. DO accessorise as in fancy dress, bindi spot, glitter, hats basically the crazier the better because not only will it guarantee you a new friend but in case your friends lose you they will know how to spot you.
6. Talking about losing your friends, arrange a meeting point incase you lose, break, or run out of phone battery, you will always have a back up plan.
7. DON'T bring any valuable that you don't want to lose
8. Sunscreen, Hat, Sunglasses and Water if the weather gets really sunny will need them.
9. BRING I.D. If the festival has under 18 years old you have to bring I.D and coming from a person who has worked as a bartender at festivals being drunk doesn't prove your 18 nor does tattoo, facial hair or the fact that your inside the festivals.
10. PACK LESS you don't need to bring your whole wardrobe plus the wight of it all will be to much to carry and you won't wear most of the stuff you'll bring so narrow down to a few key item and have the best weekend of your life:).

festival gif photo festivalgif.gif

Bralet: eBay £7.99
Cut Out Boots: Chocker £25 (Similar)

Weed Dress: eBay £15.95
Bomber Jacket: eBay £12.50
Leather Jacket: eBay £23.99
Skater Skirt: Bank £18.00 (Similar) 

Chocker Necklace: eBay £2.89 

You can also enter this competition (Here)

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