Sunday, 18 May 2014

Camden Barfly

Sun, sun, sun oh how i love you sun. as you can tell the weather here in London has just been wonderful part from a few miserable days but other then that its been sunshine all day long and to add to my good mood my sister (Grace) returned from uni Thursday night, so to celebrate her arrival last night Me, Becca and Grace decided to go clubbing and we thought since she back we might as branch out from are beloved Camden.
So as we hopped on to the train drinking are ready made drinks we had been sipping on earlier we were meet with group lads (don't think I've ever used the lads in my life but i thought it seemed fitting in this context) who had just came back from a football award thing???  and were now heading to Angel. After talking with them me and the girls decide to join the boys to Angel and see where the wind blow, this is something i have never done... wait scratch that I've just remembered that  maybe this wasn't the first me and my friends have done something that silly I think in a previous post "LEACHES"  we did do something as crazy as that and although every time i have ended up home in one piece i can't say that next will be the same. So if maybe one day you do find yourself in a situation where you have the option to get off the train with some random strangers hoping for adventures, first look at your friends and ask yourself do you trust them? and I bet your thinking 'of cause i trust them Exaucee, they are my friends' and my response to that is. You can  easily give someone the title of a friend but whether or not they live up to it is up to them and for those who are still confused let me give you a little example.
One night you are out with your friend are out, your friend see a guy and decide to flirt with the Johnny Depp look a like but next thing you know you are looking in the club trying to find your drunk friend and she no where to be seen and she she not answering any of your angry text or call which at this point not only are feet probing with pain and you have gone from drunk to sober so quick you even question did you really drink that bottle of rose to yourself? and when you finally do find your friend you not all that impressed because she's all over that Johnny Depp look a like with her phone in her hand obviously blanking your message and  now not only are you pissed at her you also have to look after your drunk friend.
now tell me is that a friend you can trust on a night out?
Wow that was a bit intense lol so back to my crazy story after arriving in angel and finding no good clubs to go to i don't know how but maybe the universe is trying to say something but we ended up in CAMDEN, barfly and rocked are heart out( do you get rocked are hearts out because they play rock music oh how do I entertain myself)
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. speck soon.