Saturday, 30 November 2013

Drinks with the girls

So me and the only two girls I still talk to from college (Ashlea and Izzy) decided that after not seeing each other in months it was time to catch up to see what was new in each others lives. Lets just say after leaving college my life hasn't really changed part from my best friend leaving me again to go china this week and live there for two years (OK year and a half but two years sounds more dramatic lol) because she HATES the place we live which I don't blame her for because there is noting to do here and she was always bored because if you had to compere her lifestyle from when she was in Leeds to here back home any would feel as if  they have taken two steps back in life, so now i think its time for to really evaluate my life and make goals for myself because 2014 is round the corner.

Cami top: Primark £2
Skirt: River Island £20
Levis jacket: Ebay
Chelsea boots: Ebay £16.99