Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Saturday night

So on Saturday night my friend Becca invited me to her friend Becca's birthday party in Camden at 'proud'. So before i begin i want to explain have always been the one that knows there limit when it comes to alcohol especially because i start work at 6 am on Sunday and working with a hot oven while under the influence isn't something that i recommend, that why i only per-drink and maybe get the one drink so i can hold while i'm dancing and just sip it all night but if i enter a club and i'm feeling really wasted i will only drink water to help me sober up and i always make sure i find a local fast food restaurant to help me soak up all the alcohol and make sure i drink plenty of water and then i'm fine but for some reason this weekend i didn't control my liquor intake at all and it resulted in me puking my guts out and now i have absolutely no relocation of the night OK maybe i remember 10 minutes but still i came home crying my eyes out, don't ask my i was because i still don't remember but i know nothing bad happened because i was very lucky what there was a man looking after me (i mean while i cried on his shoulder) my but still not my proudest moment. You maybe asking why am i say all this? well would you rather have a good night you remember and can laugh with your friend or would you want one you can't remember because if you can't remember why go out in the first place.
So if your going out this weekend or any day make sure you stay safe.
sorry about the messy room 

Or you will end up like this LOL

Top/ dress: River island 
necklace: ebay
Shoes: New look